गीता सार

जो मेरे भाग्य में नहीं हे
वो दुनिया की को भी शक्ति
मुझे नहीं दे शक्ति .
और मेरे भाग्य में हे
उसे दुनिया की कोय भी शक्ति .
छीन नहीं शक्ति .
इश्वरीय शक्ति असंभ को संभव बना सकती हे
अत; कर्म ही कामधेनु हे
एवम प्राथना ही पारसमणि हे

Poorvididi is the first tarot card reader in Gujarat. She is serving since last ten years. Her predications are related to the family, business, personal and other matters through analyzing the vibrations of the visitor person. Her predication not only touches the soul but also colors the life with charm, vigor and vitality!

You can get your queries answered via a personal appointment or a phone call.
A personal time slot of 10 to 60 minutes will be allocated for guidance and predication.
All you have to do is deposit the full amount in case of telephone or email communication or 50% in case of personal visit after finalizing the appointment.

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