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Poorvididi is the first tarot card reader in Gujarat. She is serving since last Many Years. Her predications are related to the family, business, personal and other matters through analyzing the vibrations of the visitor person. Her predication not only touches the soul but also colors the life with charm, vigor and vitality!Her personality development spiritual development and written materials upon tarot are printed in news papers and magazines and also broadcasted through Radio talk.

Poorvididi is a well known, widely traveled Tarot Consultant who has been reading the cards for the last ten-years to help and transform individuals from all parts of the India on different levels of consciousness. She has been pioneer in writings columns and predictions for several leading newspaper and publications based on Tarot. She has been an Osho sanyasin for last few years and is influenced by his vision and spiritual teachings.


OSHO is a Mystic who brings the timeless wisdom of the east to bear on the urgent questions facing men and women today.He speaks of the search for harmony and wholeness that lies at the core of all religious and spiritual traditions illuminating the essence of Christianity Hassidism ,Buddhism , Tantra , Tao, Yoga,and Zen.
OSHO talks,spoken over thirty years,Have been recorded on audio and video taps,and published in hundreds of books in every major language of the worldThe TAROT CARD was brought in India by OSHO.under guidance of whom his followers maa premusha,maa Rutumbhara popularized tarot cards in India.

MA PREM USHA (November 3,1937-july 17,2008) was in Indian tarot card reader and columnist.maprem usha who was well known as a clairvoyant and fortune teller both inside India and abroad,traveled extensively to read her tarot cards.
Ma prem usha was graduate of Isabella thoburn college in lucknow,India.It was during the 1970s that ma prem usha was initiated into the order of Zen master OSHO,she remained a follower and devotee of the teaching of OSHO for over 30 year until her death in 2008.She was consulted and interviewed extensively by Indian and international publications on her predictions.she also contributed weekly astrological writings and predictions to several major Indian news papers,periodicals and websites.her writings often touched on a wide variety of subjects including health,food,politics,fashion,and people Ma prem usha died on july 17,2008 in new delhi,India.she was 70 years old.ma prem usha and her daughter ma prem rutumbhara often traveled together for tarot reading throughout the world Ma prem usha was cremated on the day of death.her ashes were taken to haridwar,India and placed in to the holy river ganga

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